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Your Data. Safe on Your Device

PiCal never shares your data. Period. Your calendar data stays on your phone.
See Your Schedule at a glance and quickly access event details PiCal Calendar App


Your Day. But Clearer.

Know what your day looks like at a glance, thanks to the clean 24-hour clock face. Scroll to see future and past.

One-Touch Event Details

Dive into your event and get the details on each part of your schedule with a single tap.


Take a Wider Scope

See your busy days every week or month at a glance. Your daily rings collect into easily digestible nuggets so you know exactly what your calendar looks like.

Breakdown your daily schedule by week and month with PiCal iOS Calendar App
Choose schedules to see easily and add events with visual calendar conflicts PiCal App


Two Rings to Rule Your Schedules

Add your calendars in two levels, the outer and inner ring. Instantly see how your personal and work calendars overlap.

Add New Events With Confidence

Schedule your event times and duration without overlap on other event with a built-in conflict view.

See your daily schedule in your Home Screen Widgets View with PiCal


Swipe to See Your Day

PiCal’s widget lets you see your day the natural way, right from the Home Screen. 

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