Balance Work and Family

Always make that soccer game. And that meeting.

PiCal for Families

Family logistics can be a complex challenge. Shared calendars are useful, but it can all become a cluttered mess. PiCal offers tools to make it all go more smoothly.

Two calendar groups

There are events that involve you directly, and then there are events you just need to be ambiently aware of, like when your partner is busy or your kid has a half day at school. PiCal lets you organize calendars into two groups: a primary outer ring, and a secondary inner ring. Put your personal and work calendars in the outer one, and everything else in the inner one. Now you can see both where you need to be when, while knowing what everyone else is up to.

Event checklists

Often events involving children require you to bring something. Sometimes one parent may have information that the other parent does not. PiCal lets you add checklists to events, so it’s clear to all adults involved that Alice needs to bring a towel to soccer practice on Thursday. No more “I thought I told you!” It’s all in the calendar.


Some events are simply unmissable. In the clutter of events you really want that dance recital to stand out. In PiCal, you can tap repeatedly on the bell icon beside an event name in order to add more alarms to it and make it more visible in your calendars. It also becomes more visible in calendars outside of PiCal itself.

Plays nice with others, safely

PiCal doesn’t store any of your calendar data. It acts as a window into whatever is already on your phone, and doesn’t send your data anywhere else. This also means you can also use PiCal and other calendar apps in parallel. The right tool for the right job, every time.

Your day on the go

Carry PiCal with you on your Apple Watch and on your home screen with PiCal’s Apple Watch complications and home screen widgets. 

PiCal also helps you schedule across time zones
and manage ADHD.

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