Privacy Policy

This document is intended to be easy to read and understand. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

We have two privacy documents, one for the app and one for this website.

Table of Contents

For the PiCal App

Accessing mobile device features

PiCal may request access or permission to certain features from your mobile device, including your mobile device’s calendar. If you wish to change PiCal’s access or permissions, you may do so in your device’s settings. We may automatically collect device information (such as your mobile device model and manufacturer), operating system, version information and IP address.

What personal information does PiCal collect?

The PiCal app does not collect any personal information.

Where are my events, tasks, and contacts stored?

Your events, reminders, and contacts are stored only on your device, and are not sent anywhere else.

When does the PiCal app use my location?

PiCal never uses your location.

When does the app send data to PiCal?

The app sends anonymous event logging (screen navigation and button taps) to Google Analytics to help us monitor and improve product features. No personal information is included.

How do I delete my PiCal account?

PiCal does not create or manage user accounts, so there is no account to delete.

Where are PiCal servers located?

PiCal servers are hosted on Google Cloud Platform in the US.

I have a question that isn’t answered here.

Please contact us and we’ll get back to you.

For This Website

Services we Use

The following services are used on this website:

  • Server-Side Matomo Analytics
  • Mailchimp

Your Personal Information

PiCal never obtains personal information that you haven’t specifically provided us with.

Personally identifiable information, like your name or email, is stored on our email marketing platform Mailchimp.

Your Rights

You can ask for a copy of all your personal data and can dictate that we remove it all from our database. Simply contact

Cookies and Storage

We have the option to offer you cookies to track your movements through our website. You are fully within your rights to refuse tracking cookies, although one small one will be stored on your browser so our website will remember your preference not to be tracked on that browser. 


We use Matomo Analytics to track website usage. It has been set to not store cookies on your browser. It will also respect “Do Not Track” requests on your browser. Matomo is installed on our server, so any website use is only visible to the owners of this website and it is not sent to any third party business. The information Matomo collects is anonomized and there is no way to work out who you personally are through this analytics data.

Matomo is an open-source alternative to Google Analytics which allows us to respect the sovereignty of your browsing data.

Better Than Cookies

Lot’s of people say data is king. Not us. We prefer talking to our users, so if you want, please reach out to us and let us know what you think of our app and website. We care more about what you have to say, not what tracking data says about you. Shoot a message to to have a chat.

General Privacy Advice

This isn’t to do with this website, but we just want to give visitors a bit of privacy advice. If you’d prefer not to be tracked online, block third-party cookies, control your Facebook privacy settings (Learn more at and choose a browser or use a plugin that helps you take control of your privacy.

While you’re at it, bookmark DuckDuckGo as your preferred search engine.