How we sync and keep your data safe

PiCal sync with other calendar accounts
PiCal sync with other calendar accounts

We decided from the start that we did not want to end up as one of those disaster stories of apps that get hacked and expose all their user data. This led us to make every development decision based on the idea that no data would be stored with us in any capacity. We would merely be a window into whatever was already on your phone, instead of storing anything on our servers. The less user data is spread around, the safer it is.

How checklists work

However, when we added checklists as a feature, we hit a snag: Calendars don’t tend to have checklists. Where would we put this info?

The answer was the Notes field. Every calendar system has a Notes field, and it doesn’t often get used for much other than video call data (which we also extract as a direct link for you). This means that if you add a checklist in PiCal and open that event in Apple Calendar, you will find your checklist there too. You can edit it there and have the changes reflected in PiCal as long as you remember to keep the format exactly the way it is (Circular bullet point, and then the item, and then the next line).

How to add outside accounts

We have a detailed explanation as to how to add Google, Exchange and other accounts.

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