Easy International Scheduling

Know at a glance when you're both free.

Easy international scheduling

Eastern Time, UTC, GMT, daylight savings time. It’s a lot to juggle. Is it afternoon, morning? Am I even free then? Stop living with vague acronyms that are impossible to keep track of. Start scheduling your international calls like a pro.

Intuitive time zones

See both your schedule and the proposed time at once. Easily shift the time again to suggest a more suitable option.Customise your timezone names and never ask those “hour difference” questions again. Ensure your call doesn’t have to happen at 2AM. Unless you want to, naturally. 

Custom time zone names

Call your time zones whatever you want. Use an emoji shorthand. Why keep track of “UTC” when what it really means is “Grandma in New Orleans”?

Ambient time zone tracking

Be aware of what time it is elsewhere even when you’re just looking at your own schedule. PiCal shows you what time it is in other time zones that are relevant to you via subtle dots along the edge of your daily clockface.

Two calendar groups

If you schedule meetings frequently with the same people, put their shared calendars into the inner ring, and see yours in the outer one. Be ambiently aware of what they’re doing without having their events interfere with your own.

Don’t miss a thing

Be aware of all the meetings your team has, even the ones they have when you’re asleep. Linear calendars can only show you part of your day at a time. It’s easy to overlook an event that happens between midnight and 6am. PiCal shows you all 24 hours at a glance, every day.

Plays nice with others, safely

PiCal doesn’t store any of your calendar data. It acts as a window into whatever is already on your phone, and doesn’t send your data anywhere else. This means you can also use Exchange’s business-oriented features and PiCal’s all-day view and other features in parallel. The right tool for the right job, every time.

PiCal also helps you organize your family life
and manage ADHD.

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