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Why PiCal exists

PiCal came to be after I was diagnosed with ADHD and realized traditional calendars weren’t working for me. I wanted to see both the time and when my next event was, in the same view. The obvious solution was a 24h analog clock. Then I realized there was so much more one could do to make a calendar interface more useful.

Here’s what it can help with:

Time Blindness

Linear calendars let time “slip around” as you scroll, forcing you to always read the time beside the event instead of getting an intuitive sense of when it is, making it easier to forget. They also only show an arbitrary bracket of time(because of space constraints), making it possible to miss appointments that begin very early or very late in the day, outside of that bracket. PiCal lets you see your entire day as one fixed image so you won’t miss a thing.


Lists of numbers, like appointment times, can be confusing to absorb if you have dyscalculia. Instead of focusing on the numbers, the 24-hour clock display helps you intuitively know when in the day you have your events. You can think of them in terms of direction or angle instead of numbers. The clock hand follows the natural movement of the sun across the horizon. It also shows you, visually, how long it will be before your next event.

Add a new event to your day by touching and dragging on the dial. Let go to set the start time. Give your event a name, tap done (top right), and that’s it. Fast and intuitive.

No more calculating the end time of an event that lasts, say, 1h 45min. Slide the duration slider, and PiCal does the rest. The dial on the right also shows if you have other events on that day, so you won’t accidentally double book yourself.

Alarm numbness

Alarms are helpful to make us not miss events. But if every event has five alarms, alarms become meaningless. Everything isn’t equally vital, but adjusting alarms in traditional apps is a pain. PiCal lets you increasingly “hyperalert” an event by tapping a bell icon. Tap once to set a 30min alarm. Tap a second time to add a 1h alarm and to make the event more visible. Keep tapping to add more, or to reset the alarm amount to zero.

Remembering event-related tasks

It’s easy to forget to “bring that thing” once the time comes to actually go to an event, especially if it isn’t what you usually need to have with you. In PiCal, you can add checklists directly to an event, so you get the reminder you need just before you head out.

Color sensitivity and organization

Neurodiversity often means discovering the coping mechanisms that work best for you, and setting things up just the way you personally like them. PiCal lets you edit the color of a single event in a calendar to make it stand out from the rest. We are also working on ways to provide ready-made color schemes for calendars and events, that work well for people with color sensitivity or color blindness.

Eliminating distraction

If you share calendars with other people, they can become clutter in your calendar. PiCal has two rings, a primary outer one just for you, and a secondary inner one for other people’s calendars or other less important information. This lets you see clearly which events deserve your full attention and which ones are just good to know about more ambiently.

Your day outside the app

Sometimes you need to be reminded of the same thing in various ways. You can see the image of your entire day either on your Apple Watch or on your home screen with PiCal’s Apple Watch complications and home screen widgets. 

PiCal can also help you schedule across time zones
and organize your family life.

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